Don't Feel Too Sad; It Looks Like Geoffrey The Giraffe Could Have A New Job

Twitter users went into meltdown last week when the picture of Geoffrey the Giraffe leaving Toys 'R Us for the very last time appeared online.

The toy retailer closed all of its US stores last week, following closures in the UK earlier this year and the photo of Geoffrey pulling along his little suitcase was a bit too much for some of us.

The lovable giraffe was the face of Toys 'R Us for over 50 years and is a little part of most of our childhoods.

But try not to feel too sorry for Geoffrey - not only is he a fictional character, but he's already been offered a new job already. Yup, no lengthy wait at the Job Centre (or US equivalent) for this guy, because he's been offered the role as mascot at the San Antonio Zoo.

The zoo is hoping that Toys 'R Us will donate the rights to the iconic character so that he canbe used as an ambassador for giraffe conservation. Nice.

In a short video uploaded to YouTube where they lay out their plans for Geoffrey.

In the clip, one of the zoo's keepers says: "We are passionate about securing a future for wildlife, and we'd like to secure a future for Geoffrey."

Adding: "Let's help get the attention of the folks at Toys 'R Us so we can adopt Geoffrey the Giraffe at San Antonio Zoo and help giraffes out in the wild at the same time."

Geoffrey in happier times. Credit: PA
Geoffrey in happier times. Credit: PA

The zoo hopes that Geoffrey's well-known status could provide a bit of a boost for conservation efforts and, let's be honest, what else is he going to be doing with his time now?

San Antonio Zoo has now launched a GoFundMe page, titled 'Help San Antonio Zoo Save Geoffrey', which will be raising funds for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation - a charity which looks after our long-necked friends out in the wild.

As yet, Toys 'R Us has not replied to requests for comment made by CNN. To be fair, Geoffrey's probably enjoying a bit of time off having worked for the past five decades.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/PA

Claire Reid

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