Guy Posts Video Of Himself On Pornhub Encouraging People To Keep Going

As Rule 34 tells us: "If it exists, there is porn of it."

That can leave people a bit jaded and in need of something a bit fresh to keep it all ticking over as they search for that bit of solace that they desperately crave in this depressing world.

That's where today's hero comes in.

Instead of creating Red Dead Redemption 2 porn, or Fortnite porn, one guy has come up with something a bit different. In fact, it's not actually porn at all - just some wholesome encouragement.

OK, so Pornhub isn't the first place that you might think of when you're looking for a bit of helpful encouragement - a lot of people don't even need that to go on there in the first place, but you could find some.

If you're lucky, and if you need it, you might stumble across a video called: "I Encourage You As You Continue Searching For The Right Video To Cum To."

Credit: PornHub/Ryan Creamer
Credit: PornHub/Ryan Creamer

That video was uploaded by the hilariously appropriately named Ryan Creamer.

Nominative determinism aside, the video is just Ryan sitting there giving you a little gee up on your way to finding the perfect naughty video.

He just sits there, wearing a lovely jumper and tie combination, telling you that the video that you crave is just around the corner.

In fact, his exact words are: "Hi there, don't worry, I'm sure the video that you're going to ejaculate to is right around the corner."

So far, Ryan's helpful little piece of pornspiration has been viewed 1,670 times. The punters love it, too.

There have been comments like, 'nice', 'what a nice guy', and 'thank you for this'.

Credit: PornHub
Credit: PornHub

Credit: PornHub
Credit: PornHub

He's truly doing the Lord's work, or the devil's work, or whatever - he's helping people to help themselves, and that has to be worth something, right?

Incidentally, a lot of people have been taking some inspiration from the world around them, or - at least - a virtual world that they've gathered around themselves.

Pornhub's frankly excellent insights team have found that - as well as with Fortnite a while back - searches related to Red Dead Redemption 2 are up.

That isn't just people searching for pornography of the game itself, although you'd better believe that someone, somewhere, is rushing to create that. It's also searches like "cowboy", "wild west", "cowgirl", and the like are on the up and up.

They've even provided the graphic evidence. No, not that kind of graphic evidence, silly.

THIS kind.

Credit: PornHub Insights
Credit: PornHub Insights

Anyway, this is a public service announcement, if you find yourself with yourself, you know where to go for some encouragement. Ryan Creamer has your back.

Likewise, if you feel bad about it and want something to get you to stop immediately, this is also potentially the place to visit.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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