Indian Honey Collector Stuffs Bees In His Mouth For No Reason

If you want to see a man shove loads of bees in his mouth, then you are in the right place. However, if you want to know why somebody would do such a thing, then I'm afraid we can't help there.

What we do know is that the man ramming bees in his mouth is a professional honey collector, and has been for 16 years - so you'd think he'd know by now that this is not how you collect honey.

Suk Mohammad Dalal, of Chandramonipur village in West Bengal, a state in eastern India, does actually smoke out bees from the honeycomb, as any orthodox honey collector does. However, the idea is that this then allows you to collect the honey without being stung too shit.

As such, it seems Suk is sort of missing the point by then forcing fistfuls of the fellas down his gob.

In the video, he can be seen helping himself to a big handful and packing out his mouth with them, squeezing in as many as humanly possible with a quite frankly disgusting fingering motion. Fit to burst, he then grabs another handful and pushes it into his already oversubscribed mush. It's actually surprising we don't see bees buzz out of his ears, like in the cartoons.

Suk shoves bees in his mouth for no apparent reason. Credit: Newsflare
Suk shoves bees in his mouth for no apparent reason. Credit: Newsflare

It goes without saying that you should not try this at home, or down your local beehive. Bee stings can cause great discomfort and can even be fatal. Suk of all people should know this, having previously worked as a doctor's assistant in Kolkata.

But over his years in the honey beesiness, the 32-year-old has developed resistance towards bee stings, which still doesn't really explain why he's put loads of them in his mouth; I'm not scared of the dark, doesn't mean I walk around my flat with the lights off... Not sure that analogy really works, but you get what I'm saying.

Explaining his career shift, Suk said: "Since I live in a village, I would often come across honeycombs containing a good amount of honey.

"One day while walking past, I thought what if I start collecting honey and sell them, I could easily make a living out of it. That is how it started."

Unfortunately, Suk didn't elaborate on the day he walked past all his bees swarming about and thought, 'you know what, I could put loads of those in my mouth'.

Thank goodness he did though, now we can add it to the long list of stupid things we've seen people do on the internet without any sort of explanation.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

Jake Massey

Jake Massey is a journalist at LADbible. He graduated from Newcastle University before going to live in Australia and New Zealand for a few years, where he wrote a travel blog. He has previously written for the Eastern Daily Press, Giggle Beats, CALM and Front Magazine. Jake enjoys playing football, listening to music and writing about himself in the third person.

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