I am fairly certain aliens exist at this point. I don't think they're little green men, or small and wrinkly like ET, or even red and angry like Martians, but I'm pretty sure they're out there. Humans can't be the only intelligent life in the universe. We're not even that intelligent; people die putting on their trousers every year. They genuinely fall over and hit their head or accidentally strangle themselves with their own jeans.

Like I said, I'm pretty sure aliens exist and they're laughing at us.

It's getting the proof that's the hard bit.

But UFO obsessives are pretty sure that they've found hard, concrete evidence.

A lot of people think that aliens have been watching the International Space Station for years. NASA doesn't think so - but is the space agency lying to us? They certainly know a lot more than they let on.

The conspiracy theorists say there are lots of unmanned flying objects around the ISS. Can you see an alien in this photo? I can see stars...

Credit: NASA

Either I need to get some specs, or there isn't anything there. Samantha Cristoforetti, an Italian European Space Agency astronaut, is just showing how to operate window shutters in a very snazzy top that I now want.

If she weren't in space, it wouldn't really be that exciting. Some aliens would make a day in space a bit more fun.

Surely if there were UFO whizzing around the space station someone would have noticed before now? And perhaps done something?

Are these a host of alien space ships or just...debris? It looks like the milkyway has dandruff to me.

Credit: NASA

Tyler Glockner is convinced. On his YouTube channel he says: "I do believe that we have some undeniable footage that will prove that there are unknown manned objects flying out there in space.

"I'm not talking about space debris or any of the usual go-to excuses used by NASA.

"I've had a tonne of people saying there is a point in this video when, moment after [Samantha] opens up this window hatch, there are multiple UFOs that can be seen speeding by."

Not too sure about that Tyler. Aliens...or bits of space rubble.

But it's not just space. Aliens have also been seen in Lancashire. Apparently it's now part of the remit of the police to check out UFO sightings! Well, as long as it's not getting cats out of trees, I guess. Checking out a potential suspect alien is a pretty fun way to spend Monday afternoon.


In a Freedom of Information request, the police were forced to admit they had to check out Lytham St Annes, near Blackpool, and Buckshaw Village, near Chorley for alien spacecrafts two years ago. That's probably the most exciting thing to happen in either of those places!

And there's more. A UFO apparently landed in Pendle Hill two years ago and even last year the Lancashire police had several occasions where they had to check for red and white UFOs.

But the police are denying that they actually think any aliens are lingering in the Lancashire area. Apparently if someone says they think they saw an alien, the police treat is as suspicious and think it could be something else.

Personally I would be more inclined to believe that the caller was high. But that's just yet another reason why I'm not in any position of authority.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid is a journalist at LADbible. Claire graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA in journalism. She’s previously worked at Trinity Mirror. Since joining LADbible, Claire has worked on pieces for the UOKM8? mental health campaign, the Yemen crisis, life in the Calais Jungle as well as a profile of a man who is turning himself into a cyborg.

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