The CIA Gave People Tips On How To Photograph UFOs

So this is weird. For a long time, the CIA - America's foreign intelligence service - have long denied the existence of aliens. In fact, there's even a conspiracy theory that suggests the CIA killed Marilyn Monroe to stop her exposing the truth about UFOs as told to her by JFK, the president she had an affair with.

Now, though, the CIA have retweeted a photograph of a document originally sent out back in the day (when, exactly, we're not quite sure) telling UFO enthusiasts the best way to take photographs of UFOs.

Sent out by whom, you ask? Why, that'd be the CIA.

And while we know that UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and doesn't necessarily indicate or admit the existence of aliens as such, it's still a bit weird.

Credit: CIA
Credit: CIA

The government agency has been releasing files and documents that were previously classified and last year millions of pages of previously secret documents, including a whole bunch pertaining to UFOs, were made public for the first time.

These photographic tips were intended to help make UFO sightings easier to confirm or - more likely - be debunked, but it's nevertheless interesting that the agency likely did, in fact, look into and investigate UFO sightings.

Here's the second side of the tip sheet, which asks for a worrying amount of information - wonder if anyone 'mysteriously disappeared' after managing to take a decent picture of an alien vessel.

Credit: CIA
Credit: CIA

The real juice - what exactly happened at Roswell in 1947 when a UFO crashed at Roswell in New Mexico - isn't in the files that have been released. We did look. That was the crash that led to the world famous pictures of an alleged alien autopsy, though the military insist to this day that it was just a weather balloon.

The autopsy, of course, has been since been proven - more or less, anyway - to have been a hoax. But then, that's what they would want you to think, isn't it?

Sadly, there's nothing in the files that can verify the claims of the man who claimed his virginity was taken by an alien that has since given birth to a whole host of alien-human hybrid babies. Luckily for us, though, he's painted many NSFW portraits of his extra-terrestrial lover.

Anyway, we're losing focus. If you're in any way inclined to try to snap a shot of a UFO, you'd do well to follow the CIA's instructions. Technology's a lot better now, but it might still help you with the framing and focus.

Featured Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

Mischa Pearlman

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