Journalist Messages The Mum Of A Man Who Sent Her Abuse

A journalist who received some pretty horrific abuse from a man online has responded in pretty much the best way ever.

She told his mam.

Sure, when you're a kid it is pretty much bad form to tell someone's mum on them. There's a code there to be observed.

However, when the person dishing out the online hatred is a 37-year-old man and the hatred is so bloody unnecessary, then why not get his mother involved?

She surely has a right to know that her son, who - let's not forget - is a grown man, is getting all bent out of shape on the internet because of an article about video gaming.

Let me explain.

This story was illustrated in a tweet with some screenshots shared by Gamespot reviews editor Kallie Plagge.

Gamespot journalist Kallie Plagge. Credit: Twitter
Gamespot journalist Kallie Plagge. Credit: Twitter

Kallie writes about video games for a living and - most likely because she's a woman and... well, you know, the internet - comes up against the occasional bit of abuse online.

On this occasion, a man called Ryan (Kallie did him the courtesy of blurring his surname) thought that it was OK to say to her: "Hi u stupid SJW [social justice warrior] c**t.

"Can u ever learn to shut your fuckin c**t mouth bitch."Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Wow. We've got ourselves a hard man here.

Obviously, that's not a very nice - or well realised - thing to say to anyone, let alone someone who is just doing their job.

Kallie went over his head though, right to the woman who gave birth to him.

She contacted his mother with a friendly message that displayed a much better grasp of the English language, that read: "Hello! You don't know who I am but your son does.

"I thought you might want to know the kinds of messages he sends to women he doesn't agree with.

"He sent me this because I wrote a review of a video game."

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Not only is this absolutely piss funny, it's also more than this idiot deserves. Sure, we don't know his circumstances, but are there any real circumstantial excuses for calling people names online because of a video game when you're over the age of 12?

Oh, and of course his mum came back to her!

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

She replied: "I am so sorry. He is 37 years old and I am so going after him. He differently [sic] has problems.

"I will straighten him out!!!"

Here's hoping that she did. You're never to old to get a telling off from your mam.

At least, if you're not old enough to know you shouldn't send abuse to people on the internet then you're for sure not old enough to get put back in your place by your mammy.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

Tom Wood

Tom Wood is a freelance journalist and LADbible contributor. He graduated from University of London with a BA in Philosophy before studying for a Masters in Journalism at the University of Salford. He has previously written for the M.E.N Group as well as working for several top professional sports clubs. Contact him on [email protected]

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