Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Spends 'Illegally Made Billions' On Ridiculous Things

If you haven't worked it out by now, Kim Jong-un is not a nice fella.

Now that might put a nuclear target on my head, but I reckon Kim has got bigger fish to fry - like funding his lavish lifestyle while the people of his country struggle day-to-day.

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North Korea is one of 34 countries in the world that rely on UN handouts so people can eat, the Daily Mail reports, but that is merely water off a duck's back to their leader.

The Mail claim that the dictator is able to afford nuclear programme funding, as well as an expensive life full of private beach resorts, cars, yachts, big houses and cheese (?) by hacking banks, selling Viagra, crystal meth and endangered species.

Un could reportedly be bringing in a billion dollars per year via his alleged illegal activity, which he chooses to use to improve his family's life and build nuclear systems, sparing no thought for his countrymen.

"North Korea has blatantly violated international law with their nuclear testing, illicit sales, and the ramping up of their nuclear programme," Republican Representative Doug Lamborn, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told CNN.

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According to the Express the money-making scheme is ran by the Central Committee Bureau 39 of the Korean Workers' Party, known by its code name of Room 39.

Last year the leader allegedly spent £139,000 on vodka, importing a total of $1million (£800,000) worth of alcohol in 2016, the Daily Mail claims. He also imported $87,000 (£66,882) worth of cheeses, which is bizarre.

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

He allegedly spent millions on a number of other things such as women's lingerie for virgins, statues of himself, perfume, watches, chocolate and umbrellas.

Can someone please explain the thought process behind a million dollar investment in umbrellas?

It comes as no surprise that in 2014 the dictator was reportedly suffering from gout from indulging in chocolate, cheese, wine, vodka and beer. At least he smelled nice, knew the time and was dry, though.

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Mark McGowan

Mark is a journalist at LADbible, who joined in 2015 after a year as a freelance writer. In the past he blogged for independent football fan channel Redmen TV, after graduating from Staffordshire University with degrees in journalism and English literature. He has worked on campaigns such as UOKM8? and IIOC.

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