Lorry Driver Used Lucozade Bottle As Replacement Indicator

A lorry driver was stopped after stunned cops noticed that he was using a Lucozade bottle as an indicator.

An inspection revealed that the unknown man had cut the bottle of fizzy drink into shape and Sellotaped it to the vehicle's left rear indicator.

As well as the makeshift signal, the HGV was over its weight limit, had a brake light not working and a cracked wing mirror. So, it was an all round shit show tbh.

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

The shocking discovery was made by eagle-eyed officers on the M62 motorway near Bradford on Saturday afternoon.

An officer for West Yorkshire Police's Roads Policing department, known as 'Traffic Dave' on Twitter, said the driver was 'fined and prohibited from moving until the weight issue was sorted'.

He posted: "HGV sighted on the #M62 near #Bradford this afternoon which attracted our attention. A tad overweight. A Lucozade bottle for an indicator.

"A brake light not working. A smashed wing mirror. A cracked windscreen."

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

When asked what punishment the driver received, the officer quipped: "Hydration and lots of energy!"

One social media user replied: "Guess the driver did at least make the effort to use a drinks bottle close to the required colour!!"

Another joked: "Did you ask the driver to 'pop' down to the station for a quick interview?..... It's OK I'm going."

A third commented: "He could have got away with the Lucozade back in the 80's when it used to come with cellophane around it."

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

There are so many reckless drivers on the roads these days - if it isn't sorting yourself out a makeshift indicator it's eating your dinner behind the wheel.

One guy felt the need to eat what appears to be a plate of lasagne - and possibly some garlic bread on the side while driving at 60mph.

Some things are acceptable to be eaten - a packet of sweets, crisps maybe, can be dipped into while keeping one hand on the wheel and two eyes on the road.

Where exactly the line is drawn between acceptable and unacceptable driving food is debatable, but suffice to say a big plate of lasagne and garlic bread is way past the line.

The driver seems to be using one hand to accomplish the tasks of holding the plate and steering, freeing up the other to stuff his face. What makes it all the more bizarre is the fact the footage was taken at 7.15 in the damn morning.

Who on earth is this man?

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

Rebecca Shepherd

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