Police Share Weird Footage Showing Glowing Light In The Sky

Aussie cops have shared a bizarre clip of CCTV footage which appears to show a UFO flying around during a storm.

Broome Police, from the north-west of Australia, posted a short clip of a weird bright light spotted in the sky while a thunderstorm hit the area.

In a caption alongside the clip the force wrote: "After reviewing CCTV at town beach of last night's storm, it appears we are not alone."

Since posting its attracted a fair bit of attention from some people who reckon it could be the real deal, one Twitter user wrote: "It's a damn alien, but not sure if it's area 51 replica vehicle or intergalactic vehicle."


However, not everyone is convinced it is an impending alien invasion, with one person responding: "You know it's just light refraction from the reversing 4WD [4x4 car] right?"

I mean, now he's said it, I guess it does kind of look like a light reflecting...

Earlier this month, a man in Guilford County, North Carolina, caught a 'pill-shaped UFO' in the sky while he was out photographing.

Bret Harrison Jones said: "I was outside capturing video and photos of birds.

"I spent about an hour outside before deciding to head back in and then I saw a tiny flash in the corner of my eye.

"I happened to notice this random flashing light that just kept flashing that was kind of behind an airplane.

"I decided to try to capture it. I saw it for maybe 10 seconds or so and my camera would not focus on it, so I thought I did not capture it at all.

"But, lo and behold, there was a brief flash and if you look carefully you can see this big flash comes into focus and you can see a pill-shaped object.

"When I saw it when I came back inside, it just blew me away. It was not what I expected at all.

A man filmed what he says is a UFO near to his house. Credit: Kennedy News and Media
A man filmed what he says is a UFO near to his house. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

"I don't know what that is. It's got two ends to it and it also looks like it's got a tether coming off the front of it or it's ejecting some kind of fluid off it.

"I think there is something inexplicable in the video, a UFO. I am not sure whether it is man-made or alien.

"At the time, I strongly suspected the object to be at least the distance of a commercial aircraft. After analysing I think this is the case, and also it could be even further away, potentially outside the atmosphere."

Look to the skies, guys.

Featured Image Credit: Broome Police/Twitter

Claire Reid

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