Poop Falls From The Sky In Canada

You might be moaning because you're feeling a little bit too warm at the minute, as the UK swelters in record-breaking temperaturestemperatures, but spare a thought for the poor folks in Canada who are having to deal with human shit falling from the skies.

The bizarre phenomenon isn't a one-off, either, with reports of 18 instances of poop dropping from the heavens since 9 May.

One mum from Kelowna, British Columbia, was out with her son when she says they were showered in 'liquid poo falling from the sky'. Delightful.

Credit: Global News CA
Credit: Global News CA

This was followed by another mysterious poo-drop in Yellowknife, capital of the country's Northwest Territories. The Smith family were sat outside their home at around 4pm when 'all of a sudden - swoosh!'

Linda Smith told CBC the family and their house was splattered with... well something from the sky and quickly looked around to see if anybody had thrown anything at them.

While they were looking they were hit by the smell.

"It was like somebody's septic tank burst," Linda told the news outlet. "It was really bad."

According to IFL Science, one theory about the mysterious poop-showers is that they're caused by aeroplanes overhead emptying their toilets - something called 'Blue Ice', because the chemicals in the plane's bogs will turn any waste into blue icles. Although, technically this shouldn't be done while the planes are in the air, it has been known to happen accidentally.


A spokesperson from Transport Canada told CBC: "If this happens, the liquid seeping from valves freezes and adheres to the outside of the aircraft when the aircraft is flying at high altitudes.

"As the aircraft starts its [descent] and the atmosphere gets warmer, the ice will start to melt and pieces will detach themselves from the aircraft. These pieces of ice will either melt or remain in their solid state before hitting the ground." Lovely stuff.

But it's here the plot thickens, because after reviewing the reports, Transport Canada has said none of these cases appear to be blue ice.

A second theory, that it's actually coming from shitting geese, has also been thrown around.

Former chief executive of Aero Consulting Experts Ross Aimer told CBC: "Canadian geese, that we all know very well, have a migrating pattern where the scientists know exactly when and where they migrate.


"These birds could be literally hundreds of miles away when they poo and that could be carried onto, unfortunately, Linda's back yard.

"Especially when she said it was black. That could be bird excrement."

Could be. Or could be alien poop. I know what my money's on.

Source: CBC News

Featured Image Credit: Global News CA

Claire Reid

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