Elon Musk Has A Seriously Scary Warning About Artificial Intelligence

Real-life Tony Stark, Elon Musk thinks artificial intelligence is coming for us and he doesn't fancy our chances.

The billionaire behind SpaceX and Tesla has said that he reckons scientists only have a five to 10 percent chance of being able to make AI safe. Cool, nothing to worry about then.


He's previously called for regulation of AI, because it represents a 'fundamental risk to the existence of human civilisation'. Fucking hell. He's laying it on a bit thick, isn't he?

Elon was speaking at a talk for employees at his new company Neuralink, which is working toward linking the human brain up to a machine and creating 'mind-computer interfaces'. Very Black Mirror.

He told his employees that he predicted a worryingly low 'five to 10 percent chance of success' when it comes to making AI safe, but then attempted to make everyone feel OK again by telling them they could 'sleep well'. Nice try, Elon, but I think your staff are going to be lying awake worrying about T2 smashing through the wall.


He said that regulation was the way forward, and that governments must inform themselves and develop a better understanding of AI tech so they can fully understand the risks and threats.

He said: "Once there is awareness, people will be extremely afraid, as they should be... By the time we are reactive in AI regulation, it'll be too late."

And if that cheerful thought isn't quite enough for you, he also reckons that the super intelligence of AI will leave us like pets.

"Under any rate of advancement in AI, we will be left behind by a lot," he said. "The benign situation with ultra-intelligent AI is that we would be so far below in intelligence we'd be like a pet, or a house cat."

House cats are pets, mate.

This will be the face he pulls when he has to appear on TV in five years when the world is in tatters and say, 'Well, I warned you'. Credit: PA

If you're wondering when this is all going to kick-off, so you can prepare yourself for the robot overthrow, he thinks there's a risk of something 'seriously dangerous' happening in the next five to 10 years.

But there could be an even bigger threat to humanity than AI robots, because while giving the talk Elon began to choke/ After he managed to stop coughing, he said: "We're talking about threats to humanity, and I'm going to choke to death on popcorn."

It might be AI popcorn, on a mission to end you, Elon. Trust no one.

Source: Business Insider; Daily Mail

Featured Image Credit: PA/20th Century Fox

Claire Reid

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