There's A Massive Hole In The Middle Of The Great Pyramid

Aliens and Illuminati confirmed: a plane-sized hole has been found in the middle of the Great Pyramid, according to scientists.

What lies in the middle of the structure has been subject to debate for years as researchers were unable to get a look inside. But they now appear to have discovered that it contains a huge room with an unknown purpose... did someone say 'landing dock'?

Discovered as part of the 'ScanPyramids' project, it is the first of its kind to be made since the 19th century. The project sees researchers using particle physics to look deep inside the structure without disturbing what's inside.

Credit: PA Images

"We don't know whether this big void is horizontal or inclined; we don't know if this void is made by one structure or several successive structures," explained Mehdi Tayoubi from the HIP Institute, Paris.

"What we are sure about is that this big void is there; that it is impressive; and that it was not expected as far as I know by any sort of theory."

The Great Pyramid, or Khufu's Pyramid, was constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu between 2509 and 2483 BC. It is the largest of the Egyptian pyramids located at Giza

Japanese and French scientists made the announcement after two years of study at the famous pyramid complex, after making the discovery using cosmic-ray imaging.

Credit: PA Images

"It could be a kind of space that the builders left to protect the very narrow roof of the grand gallery from the weight of the pyramid," American archaeologist Mark Lehner told the BBC's Science In Action programme.

"Right now it's just a big difference; it's an anomaly. But we need more of a focus on it, especially in a day and age when we can no longer go blasting our way through the pyramid with gunpowder as [British] Egyptologist Howard Vyse did in the early 1800s."

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

James Dawson

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