Liam Gallagher Lays Into Calvin Harris And Criticises DJs Everywhere

Liam Gallagher is known for not mincing his words on virtually any topic that he's asked; and the topic du jour is DJs. Those types of musical artists have been criticised by some for standing behind their decks during live shows and offering up pre-loaded sets while they rake in their millions.

They can sell out stadiums and command crowds of hundreds of thousands of people all preaching love, peace and unity. But don't for one second tell Mr Gallagher that DJs have become the new rock stars.

The former Oasis singer has told Huck magazine: "Not in my world, they haven't. What, Calvin fuckin' Harris? The most boring fucking person? Fuck off, mate... I'll tell you what they've become: the new accountants!"

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher

Credit: PA

Liam feels that music from that genre is becoming 'bland', being made by 'spineless careerists'.

He's gearing up for his debut solo album launch next month, As You Were, and reckons it will fill a gap in the industry that's seriously needed: "I think people are starting to realise what they've been missing.

"Someone who's completely 100 percent into it; someone who doesn't bullshit people or stand for bullshit."

He tells the magazine that to be a rock star you have to be 'falling out of clubs [or] running their mouth off'. According to him, no one, especially Mr Harris, is doing that at the moment, and that's why DJs won't ever reach rock star status.

One reason Calvin might not be doing that is because he has completely abstained from alcohol since he was 24. He told BBC News: "The fact that people would pay to see a show and I'd be rubbish - it wasn't fair. I wasn't an alcoholic or anything like that, but it was clearly affecting what I do. That started to annoy me - because I've been trying to get where I am for 11 years.

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris

Credit: PA

"I realised: Why would I want to waste time drinking and going out to parties when I can sit in a studio and make music and have it come out and be released?"

"Ever since then, I've been working every single day. I haven't needed a recovery day from getting a hangover, or anything like that."

While Harris isn't getting rowdy, being outrageous or trashing hotel rooms like the old school rock star would, he's certainly making bank off his talent. In April 2015, Forbes claimed Harris had a personal fortune of £70 million ($90.5 million).

But Liam reckons that he is the greatest living rock icon: "Others have said it and I do believe they're not fucking wrong."

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