Tonight's contestants on The Chase will go down in the game show's history.

Not because they took home a lot of money, or because they answered a record-breaking number of question.

No, they will go down as the tightest in the show's history, because three of the contestants, branded 'thieves' on Twitter, decided to go for low or minus offers.

Georgia, Carole, and Michael were all taking part in the ITV quiz show along with Darragh.

But after Darragh claimed an impressive £9000, Michael then decided to go for the low offer of £300, Carole chose -£1000 and then Georgia opted for -£2000, to audiable gasps around the studio.

When it doubt: play it safe, I guess.

Here's what Twitter had to say about the whole thing...

It is only the fourth time in The Chase history that three players have gone low and got through to the final.

They ended up with £6,300 (£1575 each) before going in to the final chase with a full house of team members.

And here's the shocking video...

Credit: ITV / The Chase

All of which is nothing compared to what these heroes achieved just the other week.

Heroes Take Home Jackpot On The Chase

Lets just take a moment now and consider what they have achieved, because I think - to be frank with you - they deserve it.

In one corner there was them - Bonny, Emma, Anton - no doubt no rookies to the world of quizzing. I imagine, for instance, they do a regular pub quiz at their local, but certainly not professionals.

They were not, in terms of quizzing expertise, equal on paper to the man in the opposite corner. Shaun Wallace, or as he is often refered: The Dark Destroyer.

They had only got 17 answers right, it didn't look winnable, yet a staggering £75,000 was for grabs.

So lets see what happened...

Credit: ITV / The Chase

With the help of some pushbacks, they left Shaun unable to catch them in the high pressure final round.

They each left the studio £25,000 richer.

It's not often a total like that is won on the show, so fair play to them for achieving it.

James Dawson

JD here chillin' 2k17.

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