The BBC has confirmed that Danny Dyer is taking a short break from EastEnders.

The corporation was responding to a report in The Sun which suggested bosses were concerned about the 39-year-old actor, who plays pub landlord Mick Carter, looking "exhausted".

This isn't his first absence from the soap, back in 2015 he revealed what led to his character being temporarily written out of scripts.

He said: "I was so exhausted I shit my pants. I got so ill. I was spewing up everywhere. It was like a crime scene.

Credit: PA Images

"A doctor came and he said, 'He's exhausted, let him go'.

"It was during the Christmas stuff and I got so emotional, I lost the plot."

Danny also confessed during another appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show back in February 2014 that he used to sneak pints from behind the bar at The Queen Vic.

Watch him on the show, here...

Credit: The Jonathan Ross Show

When asked if there's any real alcohol in the pub set, Danny confessed: "There is a couple of good pumps.

"The thing is they try to put non-alcoholic beer on there but it don't come out properly so they change it every couple of weeks.

"After a long day I'll sneak over to the good pumps and have half a lager. I don't take the piss though, I don't want to get in trouble.

"The weird thing is behind the bar that there's nothing there. You've got to keep yourself busy but there's fuck all there, there's no glasses.

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"When there's four of you behind the bar you're all fighting over the tea towel or the glass thing, it's a great job though, I'm honoured to be part of it."

Hopefully Dyer can get some rest and relaxation, then get back to the job.

His break from Eastenders comes after he offered his fan advice on parenting earlier this week.

Danny Dyer's Guide To Parenting

Credit: Channel 4

He opened up about his experiences raising children in a typically Danny Dyer fashion.

Footage from Channel 4 show Parenting For Idiots, where a selection of famous people reveal their funny moments shared with their kids, shows the Eastenders actor joking about bringing up his three children.

"It's like borrowing a baby orangutan and it just wants to eat and smash things up and it don't want to sleep and it's killing me. Look at the state of me," he says.

Video: Channel 4

Dyer then said: "I got her a house this year for Christmas. Well Father Christmas did, erm.

"I said that cause she's sitting there. I fucked it."

Speaking about what it was like having his son, Arty, the full-time cockney said: "I couldn't wait to have a boy because as much, you know... I love my girls with all my heart. I was sick of trying to put a bikini on a barbie."

"Honestly, it's graft mate." he added.

Dyer with his two daughters in 2004. Image: PA

And when it comes to homework, don't get him started. Dyer said: "She comes home with this homework, is it fucking ridiculous.

"I cannot get my nut around it. I can't do it. I mean, she had homework once, it was like 'name seven magnets'.

"I was like, well fridge magnet. Erm."

Same here, Danny.

Featured Image Credit: The Jonathan Ross Show

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