Can You Handle The World's Biggest Chicken Nugget?

When you say you love chicken nuggets, do you mean you enjoy a chicken nugget or two after a boozy night out, or do you love chicken nuggets more than anything?

Do you find your tiny portion of chicken nuggets running out way before your belly is full? Do you dream of chicken nuggets. Could you handle... the 'Nugzilla'?

A very creative individual had a dream, or at least a late-night idea, to make the biggest chicken nugget in the world.

Credit: Caters

It weighs an incredible one-and-a-half kilograms - that's as much as 85 standard chicken nuggets you can pick up in a Happy Meal. Whoa.

It's also really calorific. The 'Nugzilla' has 6,000 calories in it, which is twice the NHS approved daily intake for men and you know they weren't meaning half a "Nugzilla' when they wrote the guidelines.

It also comes with its own bottle of barbecue sauce to help wash it down.

Three pounds of minced chicken is shaped on a baking tray before being rolled in flour and spices.The entire nugget is then squeezed into a deep fat fryer - it just about fits - and cooked until golden brown.

The chef plates up the dish with a large serving of fries (because why not) and a little extra spice.

Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget

Credit: Caters

Luke Billingham, founding director of Rub Smokehouse, said: "The Nugzilla is born of my love of chicken nuggets. I can never get enough. We sat round one night and we thought, 'let's make the biggest chicken nugget we can'."

But this chicken nugget is a meal in itself (okay maybe like three or four meals).

Luke explains that it's pretty high in fat and calories, but that's not putting people off.

He said: "In an average portion the fat content is about 330 grams and there are 4,500 calories. There's also another 1,200 calories in the fries alone. We've had quite a good take up of it. About six people have managed to eat the entire thing."

But it doesn't have to be a challenge of one chicken fan against a giant chicken nugget. Not that it wouldn't be an amazing way to spend your Saturday, but you can also have a 'Nugzilla' party!

Luke added: "We do have a booking of 12 individuals coming in at the same time and they're going to chop their way through it. Let's see how it goes for them! It is a bit like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. But the response on social media has been out of this world."

Do you fancy having a munch of the 'Nugzilla'? If so, head down to your local Rub Smokehouse & Bar to take up the 'Nugzilla' Challenge!

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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