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Young Lad Overcomes OCD To Launch Successful Hobby Website

Mel Ramsay in now

A young lad has gone above and beyond expectations of any 17-year-old after starting up a successful website.

After being diagnosed with OCD back in February 2014, William Hale became very interested in coding. This led to him deciding that he wanted to set up his own website. But what should it be about?

He explained: "From an early age I was very interested in planes and, growing up, I understood that my grandfather was a navigator on the Lancaster Bomber during WWII."

This gave him the idea for his website, a place for plane spotters (funnily enough, called Plane Spotting): "[The hobby] can be done in the middle of a field or from your back garden if you're near an airport and I have never really had any barriers to Plane Spotting so I have been able to enjoy this hobby very much."

Has it proved successful, though? He explained: "I launched my website on the Internet and within about two months, over 20,000 people had visited my website! It was then that I knew people were actually interested in this so I dedicated my time to this, upgraded my web hosting and moved it to America, and expanded the website to a national site instead of just Manchester based.

"Earlier this year, I released a function on the website where people could log their spotted aircraft information and keep it safe, instead of having to keep their logs on paper. Slowly but surely, people started to get interested in this and today we have just under 15,000 Plane Spotters registered. Now, we have this function dedicated to a separate website, allowing the website to be speedy and neat."

Credit: Facebook

His OCD affected him from a young age. When he was in primary school, he avoided social events and gatherings with large groups of people. As time went on, he was 'quite a sensitive child'. However, he believes that his OCD works in his favour, as it allows him to be analytical. Plus, it's 'made him who he is'.

Now he plans to launch something called Hobby Network. Basically, it's like the Plane Spotting one but a lot more broad and covering all kinds of hobbies. It has features such as 'what's on' information and forums for the hobbyists to build their passion for their favourite hobby.

He had some words of wisdom for anyone else who fancies building their own website too: "I have been able to turn my hobby into a business which at the same time is a dream! You can make serious revenue and you can do all of this in the comfort of your own home."

What an inspirational lad.

Words by Mel Ramsay

Featured image credit: Facebook

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