Classical singer, turned pop singer, turned voice of the voiceless, Charlotte Church has attacked Donald Trump on Twitter, saying there's no chance she would perform at his inauguration as President of the USA.

She publicly messaged Trump on the social media site, saying: "Your staff have asked me to sing at your inauguration, a simple Internet search would show I think you're a tyrant."

She then brutally ended the tweet with a series of poo-face emojis.

Her fans were quick to congratulate her, with one tweeting: "Ha! Brilliant! Let's place bets now on how long before he says either a) he hasn't asked you or b) you're overrated!"

Another asked: "Have you considered saying yes and then singing something really inappropriate for a laugh?"

But Piers Morgan, who has had a very busy day on Twitter, poured scorn on Charlotte's story, telling her: "Oh pur-lease, he's never heard of you, you ridiculous creature."

Church and Morgan have had run-ins in the past. When asked who the "worst person on Twitter" was in an interview with Vice, she responded, "Piers Morgan is a complete fucking twat. It's what I was just talking about.

"He think it's OK to spout a load of venomous, hateful things, which he then tries to back up with statistics. I really, really don't like Piers Morgan. And also, through that whole hacking thing, he got away with murder. I just think he's a bit of a heinous human being."

It's still not known exactly who will perform at Trump's inauguration.

Personally, if I was handing bookings, I'd be looking to reunite Pink Floyd for the event...

Who's gonna build it...

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