Sometimes the world is revealed to us as different from what we believed it to be. Sometimes truths dissipate like a glass of water into the summer air. These moments of revelation can come at any time and they are often unexpected.

Do you remember when you were first told Santa didn't exist? Or that the size of the Earth is insignificant in comparison to the rest of the universe? Or the first time you came to question something a parent had told you?

Although they happen most often in childhood, even the stoic and elderly experience these perception-changing rites of passage from time to time. They can be life changing.

Although these moments aren't always profound, misconceptions are more common than you might think.

Coffee, for instance, while widely believed to come from 'coffee beans', is actually made from a seed which is called a bean.

Rather than adapting to their surroundings as many believe, chameleons in reality change colour as a response to mood, temperature, communication and light instead of the object they are touching.

And while we might believe 'the Earth revolves around the sun', technically, the Earth, Sun and the other planets are orbiting around the centre of mass of the solar system, not specifically the Sun.

What do you reckon to those?

Now, take a look at this picture...

Credit: Sarah Hydeman

What do you see? Monster Munch, right? A decent snack at lunch-time and not much else.

If you're anything like me then you'll have always assumed that Monster Munch are shaped like 'monster claws', but one Internet maverick has posted a meme that has called this all into question. They have produced a paradigm shift in the way humanity thinks about the Walkers produced, baked corn snack.

They have quite literally flipped the entire thing upside down...

Credit: Danny McFarlane

The caption reads: "I've had years of believing Monster Munch to be claw shaped... but are they just monsters with big arms and heads? They can even stand up."

Mind blown.

I decided to conduct an investigation into the matter and the Walkers website says the product is 'claw shaped', but could this all be a conspiracy?

I guess that's up to you to decide...

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

James Dawson

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