Fidget spinners are all the rage at the moment and I can see why, they're fun to play with and you don't need a lot of talent to perform the basics.

And even though people are constantly coming up with new tricks, I think it is advised that you don't put it anywhere near your mouth. Mainly because if it's spinning fast enough, it could clean knock your teeth out.

Unfortunately, young Britton learned the hard way. The Texan girl was in the backseat of a car and was trying to clean a part of her spinner with her mouth (seriously?). But instead of cleaning it, she accidentally swallowed it and started choking.

Credit: Facebook/Kelly Rose Joniec

Her mum Kelly Rose Joniec said: "Looking back in the mirror, I saw her face turning red and drool pouring from her mouth - she could utter noises but looked panicked so I immediately pulled over. She pointed to her throat saying she'd swallowed something, so I attempted Heimlich but there was no resistance."

Britton was taken to hospital in an ambulance before an X-ray found the spinner piece was lodged in her oesophagus.

Kelly said: "The GI doctor was fascinated. He'd only just learned of fidget spinners that morning when he was at the mall with his son, so it was a surprise to be faced with one in a case a few hours later.

"He's also an advocate for related child safety in toys, so he took a special interest in the case."

Credit: Facebook/Kelly Rose Joniec

Kelly and her family were worried about the next step because of 'very stressful attempts to place an IV'.

Luckily they had a successful outcome and the piece was dislodged during surgery.

Credit: Facebook/Kelly Rose Joniec

She says this serves as a warning to all parents and kids who use the spinners, not to put them anywhere near your mouth.

Kelly said: "From this I wish to offer some word of caution to parents. Fidget spinners are the current craze so they are widely distributed.

"Kids of all ages may be getting them, but not all spinners come with age-appropriate warnings. The bushings pop out easily, so if you have young kids (under 8-years-old) keep in mind that these present a potential choking hazard."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kelly Rose Joniec

Stewart Perrie

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