I saw the film Jaws when I was a kid and it properly put the shits up me, which is funny because if you watch it now it's laughable. Still, I was only eight, so give me a break.

As I got older, I realised sharks weren't actually as big, bad and dangerous as the film had led me to believe. Obesity kills more people than sharks each year, and I'm certainly not scared of twice-daily trips to Greggs. Bees kill more people than sharks, too, but people love them - while sharks got Jaws, bees got Bee Movie.

Having said all that, I would still avoid coming into contact with a shark, because is it worth the risk?

Well, model Irina Britanova thinks it is. She stripped naked to swim with sharks to show people they're friendly fish, not deadly monsters. Rather her than me.


Credit: Media Drum

The impressive, underwater photoshoot took place in the Maldives and was captured by photographer Andrey Nekrasov. He said: "The purpose of this project was to show that sharks are more than the fear and prejudice we place on them, and to highlight that most sharks are not dangerous to humans.


Credit: Media Drum

"What one can see in these pictures is a naked young woman talking underwater with sharks as they get to know each other; mutual curiosity.

"The aim of this is to capture beauty in nature and not show any vulgarity."


Credit: Media Drum

The shark in the photo is a tawny nurse shark, a low-moving, bottom-dweller, with strong jaws and a mouth packed with thousands of small jiggered teeth.Shark Woman

Credit: Media Drum

Andrey continued: "There were about 10 or more sharks who showed curiosity and approached closely. In such a situation with capturing sharks underwater, the model and photographer have to adjust to the circumstances.

"I like to show naked nature, such as it is. I think the naked human in the wild looks harmonious. People usually like the pictures, though everyone with their different reasons.

Featured Image Credit: Media Drum

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