Steve-O Has Revealed His Craziest Drug Story And It’s Messed Up

Before getting clean in 2009, legendary Jackass member Steve-O was known for his extensive use of cocaine, PCP, weed, ecstasy and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. He even once swallowed a condom full of cannabis before getting on a flight, and then regurgitated it live on stage.

So you can imagine he'd have a wealth of stories about going on a bender. Well, he's blessed us with, in his words, his most 'fucked-up drug story'.

Steve-O, real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover, recently appeared on the YouTube channel H3H3, to discuss a range of topics. One memorable tale involved trying to buy weed in Jakarta, where the penalty for being caught with the narcotic is the death penalty. But the worst drug experience he had was when he was trying to get cocaine off his dealer.

Steve-O performing an intense stunt
Steve-O performing an intense stunt

Credit: Instagram

If there was no answer over the phone, the 43-year-old stunt performer said, he would just show up at the dealer's house. Sometimes he'd even just walk into the house if the door was unlocked.

But on one particular occasion, the dealer was asleep and couldn't wake up. So Steve-O decided to go into the kitchen, where he could see a heap of cocaine residue sitting on the bench where the drugs are usually weighed on scales. The problem was, was that the dealer would routinely spray his blood all over his apartment because he enjoyed injecting his drugs.

As Steve-O noticed the cocaine peppered over the kitchen bench, he also noticed small spots of blood nearby. But so desperate was he for drugs that he scraped the cocaine together in a fat line, which then became speckled red.

He then revealed that, after he got sober, his drug dealer also quit drugs. One time, when they were at a meeting for recovering drug addicts, Steve-O says the dealer came up to him and told him that he had tested positive for HIV.

Luckily for Steve-O, he had been clean for a few years and had had repeated sexual health tests and knew his status.

Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville
Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville

Credit: Instagram

He gives a nod to his fellow Jackass performer Johnny Knoxville for helping him quit drugs nine years ago. Knoxville was one of his friends who contacted a physician after Steve-O sent him an email alluding to a possible suicide.

After being arrested several times and having a few stints in mental health hospitals, he decided to quit drugs. In 2012, he credited his two rescue dogs to helping him stay clean.

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