It was only back in 2015 that the government introduced charges for carrier bags in supermarkets. Essentially, it meant that those of us too slack to remember to bring a bag with us everywhere, but too cheap to pay 5p for a new one, are now forced to juggle our £3 meal deal back from the shop every lunch break.

Now there's been another development. From 28 August, Tesco shoppers will no longer be able to buy a 5p bag as the single-use carrier bag is being replaced with a new Bag For Life costing 10p.

It comes following a 10-week trial at three stores in Dundee, Aberdeen and Norwich.

The new bag for life is made of 94 percent recycled plastic and will be replaced for free, if damaged - meaning the move will be better for the environment.

Matt Davies, UK and Irish Republic chief executive at Tesco, said: "The number of bags being bought by our customers has already reduced dramatically. [This] move will help our customers use even fewer bags but ensure that those sold in our stores continue to fund thousands of community projects across the country chosen by customers."

Louise Edge, senior campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said: "It is great to see major retailers moving away from disposable plastic. For too long we've seen plastic as something to be used once and thrown away. But there is no such place as 'away' - and millions of tonnes of plastic are ending up in our rivers, beaches, streets and in the sea every year, harming marine life.

"The plastic bag charge has done wonders for reducing the number of bags polluting our coastlines and waters. Now we need to see the same for throwaway plastic bottles - a deposit return scheme which encourages collection."

Here's how Twitter reacted to the news:

I'm sure we'll all get used to it, like we did when the charge was introduced in the first place.

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