Boy oh boy is it about to get cold over the next few weeks, with Arctic gales and widespread snow set to hit Britain within days.

You better get buying those magic gloves asap, because when I say cold I mean COLD; this coming Friday is expected to be the bitterest day of winter so far with strong winds and heavy rain threatening a stormy start to the week before the frost really bites towards the weekend.

Parts of Britain are on alert for up to four inches of snow and temperatures plummeting to become colder than Iceland, Norway and Sweden - it could go below -10C (14F).

To see how just how bad it has got in the past, here is a clip about the notorious winter of 1962...

Credit: BBC

The Met Office is warning us to brace for a "big change in the weather" after the mild start to the New Year.

Forecaster Steven Keates said: "The week will start off more unsettled with the risk of gales in parts and heavy rain moving across all regions on Monday.

"As we move through the week we are looking at a real blast of winter and the first proper snow, not just to the north but potentially across the south.

"Cold air will move across the UK from the north towards the weekend when we will be in a Polar maritime airmass.

"It will feel bitter in strong northerly winds with gales possible around the coasts, combined with high tides there could be very large waves to contend with.

"From Friday we could see snow in many places, showers are more likely to be snow than rain.

"Next weekend we could be into minus double figures overnight, so a big change in the weather on the way and possibly the coldest spell of winter so far."

Experts are warning to prepare for harsh frosts and bitter Arctic gales that will bring the coldest spell of the winter so far.

Damn, that sure does sound chilly.

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