We all had a favourite Spice Girl, didn't we? Mine was Ginger. Robbie Williams couldn't decide on his favourite so he slept with four of them, according to Mel B.

Mel was speaking on Australian radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, KIIS FM when she made the bold claim. It follows Robbie's earlier admission that he had been 'in four out of five of the Spice Girls', so the maths adds up.

She said: "Robbie apologised to me yesterday. He's said he's had liaisons with all the Spice Girls and I said 'not me - I'm the only one you haven't.' He's said it's all been taken out of context, so he got a slap on the wrist from me."

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A few years back, while on tour, Robbie said: "I am very fortunate to have been in Take That and four out of five of the Spice Girls." He's since said that this was a joke and that it wasn't supposed to be taken seriously. But now with Mel B saying this, what are we to believe?

These rumours have been circulating for years. When his wife Ayda Field appeared on Loose Women a while back, she all but confirmed that he'd shagged most the girl band:

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And, I mean, Mel seems pretty appalled by the suggestion. I find that to be in direct contradiction to the Spice Girl's own words: 'If you wanna be my lover, you've got to get with my friends'. So, you can't fault Robbie; he was just following orders.

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Claire Reid

I wish I could think of something witty to put here...soz.

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