MMA is the fastest growing sports in the world, its pace, skill and unpredictability causing its popularity to explode.

However, one recent KOP 54 bout saw a fighter so dazed after being knocked out that he took up a new opponent - attempting to choke the referee.

It's an unconventional move, I'll give him that.

Take a look at it here...

Credit: YouTube/Stars and Strikes MMA

Joseph Nehm took a hammering from Ryse Brink's hail of punches, kicks and knees, leading the referee to call a prompt, first round, end to the fight.

As Brink celebrated his victory, the stunned Nehm reawakens, launching a fresh attack on the unsuspecting referee, rear-naked choking him to the ground.

Fortunately for the ref, Nehm's quick thinking team were on hand to haul him off.

With unbelievable scenes like these it's not surprising fans and athletes keep coming back for more and more.

Just a couple of months ago, we were treated to this marvellous faceplant from fighter Luis Raul Alvarez..

Credit: Fight Time Promotions

Alvarez was was dominating a fight against Martin Georges when he decided it was time to pull out something special.

The fighter attempted to throw Georges over his shoulder, but instead the unfortunate opponent faceplanted into the mat and it was all over from there. It was more brutal than actually fully pulling the manoeuvre off.

The blow rendered Georges unconscious, ending the contest with a deserved victory for Raul Alvarez, in a scene that I can only describe as reminiscent of Ryu in SNES classic Street Fighter 2.

In fact, the finishing blow was delivered in such spectacular fashion the crowd wasn't really sure how to react to what they'd seen.

The Best MMA Knockouts

There sure have been some epic MMA moments over the years, like back in 2014, when welterweights Luis "Sapo" Santos and Alfredo "Tsunami" Morales entered the XFC octagon in Brazil.

The pair were evenly matched heading into the third round of the contest, but that all changed when Santos spotted a gap in Morales' guard and delivered a kick on Morales' chin.

Watch the lightning fast kick here...

Credit: XFC

Pow. Right in the kisser.

The force of the blow earned Santos a straight knock out at the XFC International 3 event.

Which reminds me of this contender for 'knock out of last year', courtesy of Lando Vannata...

Lando Vannata's Spinning Wheel Kick Knock-Out Of John Makdessi

Lando fought John Makdessi in a prelim battle at UFC 206 in Toronto yesterday, winning by - you guessed it - knocking him the fuck out.

Take a look at the spinning wheel kick that earned him his first UFC victory here...

Vannata was competing in just his second UFC bout after his loss to top lightweight contender Tony Ferguson in July, and last night he showed us why he's being tipped for big things in the future.

Makdessi looked to be alright by the time he left the Octagon, but this is now his third loss in four fights.

Meanwhile, Vannata is now 1-1 in the Octagon, with his overall fight record at 9-1.

And this, which has to rate as one of MMA's sickest moments.

The Most Badass Moment In UFC History?

There have been some sick moments in UFC History - that Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar fight, when Matt Serra shocked the World, Jon Jones becoming the youngest champ in history.

But is there anything greater than this...

Video credit: UFC

Joe Lauzon vs Jim Miller, both of them covered in blood.

"Hell of a fight, bro." "You too. I'm having fun."

Words: Brad Marshall

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Stars and Strikes MMA

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