Instagram turns six today. Celebrate good times, come on, etc.

You know Instagram, you love Instagram. Where else would you see washed-up reality stars promoting weird tea that makes you shit yourself until you are thin? Where else would you see every girl you went to school with wearing a weird Snapchat butterfly crown? Nowhere, that's where. You'd be lost without it.

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom was, naturally, the first ever person to post to the image sharing site. He posted a picture of his dog and his foot, which has an oddly small big toe, on 16 July, 2010.


Unfortunately, the site didn't officially launch to the public until October, so the poor furry fella had to wait a few months to get some likes. He's now got 56.7K. That might sound impressive but this photo of some garlic bread which Beyoncé took has almost ten times that number of likes...

Tough break, dog, but Instagram has spoken.

Featured image credit: PA

Claire Reid

I wish I could think of something witty to put here...soz.

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