Pest Controller Finds Massive Nests Containing 'Thousands of Wasps' Inside Attic

I've only had one nasty encounter with a wasp in my time and I can assure you they shouldn't be messed with. Luckily my tale didn't end like Macaulay Culkin in My Girl and I lived to tell the tale. But if I grew up in this particular house in Basingstoke, Hampshire, I might not have been so lucky.

Pest controller Shane Jones has seen his fair share of scary things, as he is from Australia, but he couldn't believe his eyes when he climbed into this attic.

The property was housing a shitload of wasp nests. They were no ordinary wasp nests either, the smallest was the size of a football and the largest was half the size of Shane.

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Credit: Caters

He was originally called by a painter and decorator who wanted to renovate the property before they realised what was lurking upstairs.

Shane told the Metro: "I've seen a few big nests in my time but nothing anywhere near like this. My son and I just pulled the nests out. There were thousands of dead wasps. Thousands.

Massive Wasp nest
Massive Wasp nest


"There isn't anything to be scared about, but we've been called out to more wasp nests this year than ever before. This is going to be a bad year for them - last year there were no wasps before mid-July, but this year we have been getting calls about them for ages."

It could be a regular sight for pest controllers and people across Britain as we gear up for summer. We've already been warned that super wasps are set to invade the UK this year.

These particular wasps, known as 'yellow jackets', are distinguishable by the three 'black dots' on their evil little faces. They're also larger than your standard wasp, at around half an inch. They originate from Germany, and can sting repeatedly for pretty much no reason. Great.


According to the Sun, experts are saying that the mild winter coupled with a warm spring has resulted in ideal breeding conditions for wasps.

Ian Urquhart, of Advanced Pest Management, told the paper: "Many insects will have come out of hibernation early to seek food.

"It means we could have more prolific breeding trends and a larger population."

Why won't they just leave us and our fruity ciders alone? We only get a short summer, let us enjoy it.

Featured Image Credit: Creative Commons

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