New Laws Coming To Magaluf Could Ruin Your Next Lads' Holiday

The Spanish island of Majorca has been a popular haunt for British tourists for years, but the Magaluf holiday resort is a particular go-to destination because of its enormous party atmosphere and cheap booze. There are plenty of late night bars, kebab shops and lap-dancing joints - a solid recipe for shitty tattoos and even shittier decisions. Classic holiday fare.

But the fun could be about to end.

New laws are coming into play which will limit the maximum volume to 60 decibels. If you're unfamiliar with the scale, that's the equivalent of the noise coming from a restaurant or an office, or an air conditioning unit from 100 feet away, according to the Purdue University Chemistry Department.

Noise comparisons
Noise comparisons

Credit: Purdue University Chemistry Department

How in the hell are you supposed to enjoy trashy club hits when they're no louder than your £15 speaker that you picked up spontaneously at duty free?

In comparison, 70 decibels, which is double the loudness of 60 decibels, is the level of an average vacuum cleaner.

According to the Daily Star, all clubs in the region will have to install sound limiters, which cut out anything louder than 60 dB. These devices will also be linked to the local police station, alerting the fuzz if the noise gets above 65 dB.

Veteran musician Leapy Lee, who performs in bars across the island, has told the Telegraph: "I play in one place in Magaluf where customers are complaining because they can't hear it.

Kid drunk in Magaluf
Kid drunk in Magaluf

Credit: PA

"A lot of performers I know have lost work this season. The bars are cancelling them because they can't use them. Live bands can't play at all because the volume trips the limiters straight away."

That's not the only rule that legislators are bringing in.

A list of more than 100 infringements was introduced earlier this year, each of which result in an on-the-spot fine of 100 euros.

Magaluf sign
Magaluf sign

Credit: PA

Following the legislation, you can no longer pick flowers, build unauthorised sand sculptures, spit or drink from a public water fountain, nor can you pour out dirty water near trees.

Gone are the days of boxing or arm-wrestling matches on the streets, as authorities seek to improve the aesthetics of the area.

These latest regulations follow laws introduced in 2015 which forbid drinking in public, bar crawls, buying alcohol from midnight to 7am and getting naked or urinating in public.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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