Ever visited London and felt a bit sorry for the Queen's guards who have to stand there looking bored shitless all day?

Well, it turns out you can save your sympathy because they're having a sick time getting absolutely off their tits and sniffing mysterious white powder off swords and shit.

Footage has emerged which appears to show one of the Queen's guards snorting a line of white powder from a ceremonial sword while on duty inside St James's Palace. What a rascal.

Coldstream Guards' Major James Coleby was filmed during what looks like an alcohol-fueled party.

Apparently, the video was filmed by Major Coleby's workmate, Lieutenant Charles McLean, 27, who later posted it on a messaging service for personnel 'by mistake'. Smh. Some mate he is.

The footage, obtained by The Sun, begins with Captain Alex Ritchie, 27, chopping up a white powder with a platic card.

He can be heard asking Major Coleby: "How much? Two inches? You want two inches of that? If you get rid of that I'll be mightily impressed." Yeah me too, TBF. Christ on a bike.

He then allegedly snorts the lot and a woman can be heard saying: "No, don't do it, for the love of God!"

The Ministry of Defence has now launched an investigation.

Caption: Queen Elizabeth II was not involved. Featured image credit: PA

Sian Broderick


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