A family in Russia took their dog to the vets for plastic surgery because they didn't like how he looked.

The cute little Jack Russell, who lives with Marina Esmat and her family, was given the unnecessary surgery because they didn't like the shape of his ears - they claim to have wanted him to look more like Milo, the dog from The Mask.

After noticing that the dog's ears were growing upwards, the family initially took matters into their own hands and attempted to pull the ears down using weights and even glue. However, when that didn't work they set out to find a vet who would perform the surgery.

Star of the silver screen, Milo. Credit: The Mask/New Line Cinema

Esmat said: "We noticed that after a month, something with his ears was off. We decided that we would fix this and started looking for a surgeon. First we tried to glue a patch and coins to his ears, but that did not help. The dog, of course, was feeling discomfort.

"At a family meeting we decided that we would fix his ears with the help of a surgeon. The doctors tried to convince us not to do it, but we decided that that way it would look more aesthetic.

"We would like him to reproduce, but with his ears lifted we could not find him a mate for breeding. Also, we would like to go to dog shows. Now everything is great."

Wait a minute? Is she implying that this dog couldn't pull because of his ears? Jesus.

Credit: CEN

Veterinary surgeon Andrey Mezin tried to talk them out of the operation, but the family were determined and, eventually, he offered to carry out the procedure. He said: "The people contacted the vet clinic asking the vets to lower the ears of the dog.

"We don't think that this surgery is justified, but some ask a lot, want to change the way the ear looks so that the dog would look like he belongs to some kind of breed.

"A surgery was performed. We injured the cartilage and because of that, the standing ear became lying.

"The dog owner strongly insisted, because they wanted a show dog. On the dog competitions, there are certain criteria for this type of breed. The dog looks like the breed, except for his ears and because of them he can never win anything."

Featured Image Credit: CEN

Claire Reid

I wish I could think of something witty to put here...soz.

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