It's pretty early and it's very much Monday, so I apologise for this, I really do. But do me a favour? Have a look at these flip flops and let me know what colours you think they are:

Blue and black or white and gold? Yep, these flip flops are a new version of 'the dress', you remember 'the dress' it took over the Internet in February 2015. Some fucking idiot fella even got a tattoo of it, for some reason.

Anyway, it divided opinion, destroyed families and ruined relationships - and these Havaianas flip flops are set to do the same. Sound.

So, I see white and gold, same as I did with the dress, and the same as with the dress, I'm wrong. Here's the flip flops - and I mean, I can see that they're black and blue here, of course, so that's something?

I hate this. What the fuck even is it? Why can't I see the proper colours? Credit: Havaianas

Let me know what you guys see in the comments, especially if it's white and gold.

Featured image credit: Twitter

Claire Reid

I wish I could think of something witty to put here...soz.

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