Study Reveals The Celebrities That Turn Men And Women On Most

We've all got at least one celebrity fantasy. Although it's disgusting, even our parents will now and again confess their famous fantasy. This leads your mum to say, after she's had a few drinks, something like: "Oooh, yeah, Hugh Grant, in his undies." *Shudders*.

In a Snog, Marry, Avoid-esque study, attempted to find out the biggest celebrity crushes and whether they've ever cropped up in the middle of sex - as well as finding out which celebs are the biggest turn-offs.

When asking 2,699 UK adults people which famous figure they'd be most tempted to snog, the results were very telling. Of the 1,350 males, it was found that 20 percent list reality star and model Kylie Jenner as the person they'd love to smooch. The most popular after Jenner was Scarlett Johansson (17 percent), Gigi Hadid (seven percent), Michelle Keegan (four percent) and Selena Gomez (two percent).

1,349 females were polled for the study and, unsurprisingly, 27 percent said Tom Hardy is at the top of the list for famous snogs. Chris Hemsworth and Jamie Doron reach the teens in regards to their percentages, coming in at 19 and 15, respectively. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and Dan Stevens just made it in with eight and three percent.

"Everyone loves playing a game of 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' down the pub or at a friend's house so we wanted to ask the British public to find out the ultimate answer," George Charles, spokesperson for, said about the study. "We wanted to give all participants free reign when asked each question so literally any celebrity could have fallen victim.

"I'm most impressed that Tom Hardy received so many votes for the most snoggable celeb! He's apparently a very desirable man."

Following the snog question was the marry question.

Big up Stormzy, whose current popularity has landed him the status of husband-worthy, having cracked the top five with six percent. Above him were two mega movie stars in Ryan Gosling and Chris Pratt (16 and 12 percent), so it's a pretty impressive feat from the 'Shut Up' MC.

It's even more impressive when you take into account that Prince Harry was below Stormzy, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch.

As for blokes, the results on who they'd most like to marry weren't really surprising. Bookending the findings were Holly Willoughby and Jennifer Aniston with 17 and four percent. And in other news, water is wet.

Credit: PA

Sat in between the two were Chrissy Teigen, Meghan Markle and Emma Watson, which, again, isn't so surprising.

The final part of the research was to see whether or not people fantasied about these celebrities while having sex with their partners. Of course, you'd expect there to be some yes answers, but as it turns out, 71 percent of the 2,699 admitted they had.

That works out at seven in 10 people imagining they're having sex with someone else. Take from that what you want.

It'll come as no surprise that, for women, the man they'd most like to 'avoid' is none other than Piers Morgan. For men, it was Piers' female equivalent, Katie Hopkins. The pair often rattle people thanks to their appearances on TV, as well as their activity on Twitter.


Following on from Piers, John McCririck, Spencer Matthews, Kanye West and Wayne Rooney were found to be the least desirable men. After Hopkins, it was Lindsay Lohan, Kim Woodburn, Stephanie Davis and Kerry Katona who made up the top five of female celebs to avoid.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/PA

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