Morgan Jane Gibb shared a picture on Facebook of her dinner - so far, normal behaviour. Except it was of 'Medium Rare Chicken' - half fucking raw chicken.

Credit: Facebook/Morgan Jane Gibbs

Some people got that it was a joke and were crying with laughter as she made fun of the eating clean fad, but others took it seriously and genuinely thought the Aussie was eating raw chicken.

Credit: Facebook/Morgan Jane Gibbs

But she didn't stop there - Morgan proved her comedy chops by trolling the commenters.

When Daniel Barber said: "I like my chicken without salmonella." Morgan Jane Gibb replied: "It's chicken, not salmon?"

Morgan even tried to convince people that you could make chicken sashimi.

Her meme went viral and YouTuber ActionJaxon put on a chef's hat and shout into the camera about chicken.

"Bitch, you cannot cook chicken with sunlight!"

Take a look:

Credit: ActionJaxon

This was then nabbed by Dakota Jean, and, once more, people thought she was being thoroughly serious.

Credit: Dakota Jean

Plenty of angry people on Twitter, as per...

Personally I think it looks alright. Don't know what all the fuss is about. Might give it a try.

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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