Dating has changed a lot in recent years, hasn't it? For good or bad you no longer need to leave the house to find yourself a date. Gone are the days of having to scream over music in a nightclub, like a sweaty lunatic, to try and chat to a girl - you can just swipe right.

However, while some people seem to smash it on dating apps, others struggle to find any decent matches. My guy mates tell me that the only matches they seem to get are catfish, quite obvious Skype-scam accounts and a fair amount of, what they call, 'time wasters'.

Shed Simove, a performer and entrepreneur from London, has come up with a way of cutting through all this. He's created his own dating app - Shinder - where he is the only person available to date.

Anyone who downloads Shinder (which you can do here, if you wish) will be greeted with just Shed's profile and the option to swipe left or right.

If you're a man and you swipe right, you will be left heartbroken by the message that Shed is looking for a woman; and if you swipe left you will receive a message telling you that you've 'dodged a bullet'.

He's even made a little video to show potential dates how it all works:

Credit: Shed Simove

Now, before you all take the piss, TheLADbible spoke to Shed the day after the launch of his app and he'd already had 100 matches and arranged a date. Whether it's wise to try and find a girlfriend this close to Valentine's Day is another thing...

Shed told us: "Normally it's the girls who do all the choosing, but I've made myself 'rare' by being the only available person to date on the app. I didn't want to be a little fish in a big pond, now I'm the only fish in the pond.

"I've been single for quite a while and because I travel a lot with my job that's always suited me, but I'm ready to find someone now; I went through all the usual dating apps and sites but I felt like I needed to do something different.

"I've had some amazing chats already and I've got a date lined up with a girl who seems really nice. People have already said to me, 'we could role this out, so guys called Barry could have Binder and fellas called Steve could have Stinder' but for now it's just for me."

Well, Shed, I wish you the best of luck.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Shed Simove

Claire Reid

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