Bullfights are really dangerous - a lot of matadors have died after an angry bull has gored them.

But this is a new one. Are you ready for this?

In Spain, a dwarf bullfighter was pitted against a small black bull. At first she holds her own - considering that they're the same size, she's doing quite well.

The dwarf bullfighter was waving the red flag, trying to distract the bull when he knocked her down - and no one could have predicted what came next.

Take a look here...

Credit: Liveleak/Viagra/Man

The bull sat on top of her and started thrusting - it tried to mate with the poor woman! An actual example of harassment in the workplace.

The crowd starts laughing at this unexpected turn but when they realise how serious it is, they gasp in shock. Two people run into the arena, one drags the horny bull off the woman and the other helps her to her feet.

I don't think she'll be back in the ring anytime soon.

And that, my friends, is enough Internet for today.

Words Laura Hamilton

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