Doctor Removes A Disgusting Amount Of Wax From A Woman's Ear

Put down your sandwich - you're not going to want to have a mouthful of anything while you read this.

A popular YouTuber/ear doctor (which is definitely a thing in 2018) has revealed some absolutely horrific footage of himself removing a whole heap of earwax from someone's ear.

As it happens, this particular patient's ear canal was so blocked that she had developed a fungal infection in her ear and was partially deaf. If you're one of the twisted people who get a kick out of this sort of thing, you can watch the video. If not, what are you still doing here?

The doctor in question is called Neel Raithatha and he runs an ear clinic called The Hear Clinic in Leicestershire.

His nickname is 'The Wax Whisperer' and he has thousands of followers on YouTube, although I cannot understand why. His videos have been viewed more than 47 million times. Not by me, they haven't.

Credit: StoryTrender
Credit: StoryTrender

He said that in this case the patient, who is a hearing aid user, could no longer use the device because the wax was so vast that it was making them whistle.

If you can stomach the footage, you'll be able to see that he didn't have to get too far into the ear before he found out what the problem was. After scraping away most of the initial layer he then managed to get in with a kind of hook (stop me if this is too technical) to lift out the bulk of the wax.

Even the good doctor is baffled as to how many years of wax build-up was in there. He just knew that there was not a chance of her getting it out of there without his help.

Credit: StoryTrender
Credit: StoryTrender

He told the Mail: "It would be impossible to self-remove. The client in this case wore a hearing aid, which can cause earwax build as it can prevent the natural migration of earwax out of the ear canal.

"It left them completely deafened and the client was also unable to wear her hearing aid as the earwax build-up and infection caused it to whistle and squeal.

"The patient had a fungal infection, otomycosis, which developed on the dead earwax and skin, and also otitis externa of the ear canal and eardrum."

If, for some bizarre reason, you want to know what otomycosis is, it's a fungal infection that ordinarily affects people in warm or tropical climates. Now, it's been warmer than usual in Leicestershire recently, but it's hardly the Caribbean.

Credit: StoryTrender
Credit: StoryTrender

Dr Raithatha continued: "There was some offensive odour from the ear.

"It took around 10 minutes because I had to be very delicate when peeling the dead infected skin off the ear canal and eardrum. It usually takes half the time."

After the procedure was over, he directed her to her doctor to sort out the infection.

There, aren't you glad that you now know about this?


If you have earwax, for God's sake don't try and get it out with anything stupid like a hair clip or a cotton bud. Just go and see someone.

Whatever you do, don't tell me if you end up on The Wax Whisperer's YouTube channel.

Featured Image Credit: StoryTrender

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