A young mother has said she was abandoned by her husband after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Wiramon Inthaneth, 36, discovered that she had breast cancer six months ago.

The disease is so debilitating that she can no longer work or properly take care of herself or her family.

When she was allegedly abandoned by her husband, the Thai woman moved in with her father, who works as a taxi driver.

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Her father scrapes together just enough money for his daughter's medical bills.

But as the Thai woman's condition was initially left untreated, it developed into large red and purple mounds protruding from her chest, which have grown and left her disfigured.

Ms Inthaneth reportedly suffers from such severe pain she travels back and forth to hospital each day for treatment.

Credit: Exclusivepix

Thai holyman Monk Bhin has offered to provide for the family and raised funds for her treatment.

He said he was so shaken by the state in which he found Ms Inthaneth that he was compelled to help.

"The day I visited her she was crying because she has such a difficult time taking care of her daughter with her only income coming from her father," Monk Bhin said.

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"She is only alive because she gets willpower from her family. She needs money for her daughter and to buy medicine but she doesn't know how long she can survive."

While Monk Bhin has supported the family, he has also reached out for further support for the terminally-ill mother on social media.

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