People around the world with strange medical conditions continue to baffle doctors and researchers. While many of them suffer, some are lucky enough to get the treatment that they need to eventually live a more comfortable life.

But experts are perplexed about how a 12-year-old boy developed hands that are bigger than anyone has ever seen before.

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Tarik, who lives in Uttar Pradesh, has had big hands since birth, but as he's slowly grown over time, his mitts have been expanding at a massive rate. His aunt, Pushpa, says: "When his father was alive, he took him to the local doctors a lot. But his father passed away and he only has his mother now, so he can't get any treatment.

Enormous hands

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"He can't dress without brother's help. His life is totally dependent on us. We have to take care of him all the time.

The young boy's brother, Hargyan, takes care of him around the clock and helps him eat, bathe and get dressed. Hargyan adds: "His hands are really big. I have never seen such big hands in my life. He is stuck in his life."

The abnormality has caused Tarik to be shunned from his community and school.

enormous hands

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He says: "I had few friends in the beginning but now I don't have any. People are scared of my hands. I wanted to study but school refused my admission."

His school allegedly told him that he wasn't welcome at the institution because Tarik's hands would 'scare other kids'.

But while his family is hoping that saving money for treatment is the best option, Dr Pawan Kumar Gandhi says they don't even know what to do: "Tarik's problem is actually a mystery to us. We've never seen a patient with this before.

Huge hands

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"I have seen a few similar cases but they had Elephant Foot disease; his condition seems to be similar to that. Chances are low but nothing is impossible. In the age of science, there is lots of research, so nothing is impossible."

Hopefully someone is able to get to the bottom of what has caused the strange growth and is able to step forward and correct it.

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