An Italian billionaire has been left absolutely devoed after discovering that the wife he thought had been kidnapped had in fact run off with another bloke.

Gianluca Cervara contacted police in the fear that his wife, former Miss Ukraine Anna Zaiachkivska, had been snatched after she disappeared shortly after their marriage.

Sadly for him, it wasn't long before he discovered the truth through an Instagram selfie. In the photo she was posing with another man in five-star hotels, plus she added the hashtag #Freedom.

Anna appearing on Ukrainian TV in 2013. Video credit: Ukraine Today.

The businessman is now suing Zaiachkivska for breaking their prenuptial agreement and allegedly stealing £5,000 and a mobile phone from his home.

Commenting on the photo, he said: "Your Husband in Milan And Parents say thank You for Be in New York with address Of another Man.

"Wooooow Married escape without Tell And with fake address in NewYork!!" [sic]

But the woman accused him of 'raising his hands' against her and said that he had failed to pay her enough attention when she suffered 'a headache for weeks'.

The model said: "The first time when he did it I ran away to my parents' house in the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. I did not tell them what the matter was.

"He came to get me, and I gave him a second chance, but during an argument he spat in my face, and I simply could not take it."

But Cervara refuted her accusation, claiming that his wife is working as a model in New York and she is 'not the person she is pretending to be'.

He added: "She has lots of pretty photos taken in five-star hotels, she is posing with other men. She does not look unhappy at all."

It didn't used to be like this, guys, can't you talk it out?

Featured image credit: Facebook

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