In my view, if you're going to have a one night stand you're best making sure you end up back to your own house. For a start it's nice waking up in your own bed and secondly you get to avoid the walk home the next morning.

But sometimes they just won't have it. They don't fancy waking up in a room surrounded by pizza boxes and beer cans, in bedding that hasn't seen a washing machine for six month. It's back to their place or nothing, meaning the next morning you have to trudge home, hungover and, potentially, filled with regret.

But, remember, it could be worse, you could be this guy...

That unlucky gent had to the do a freezing walk of shame after getting caught having sex with someone else's girlfriend.

Or as he eloquently puts it: "Yeah, I'm good. I got caught fucking someone's bitch. Can you give me a ride, yo?"

The guy behind the camera agrees, only to drive off.

Gutted. But you've got to think he was shagging someone's girlfriend, so he deserved it a bit.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

James Dawson

JD here chillin' 2k16.

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