Are you ever at work and you just think, 'for fuck's sake, can't someone else do this?' Sometimes, usually on a Monday, that's pretty much my only thought all day.

And the cops at Springettsbury Township in the US totally get me, because rather than go out and start investigating shit, they're just going to see if they can convince the criminals to come to them.

The officers were called out to a place called Sam's Club after a member of staff reported finding a bag of white powder near the tills, which later turned out to be cocaine. Going out to the club and then having the stuff tested, that's enough work for one day, so in a press release they politely asked: "If anyone is missing their bag of cocaine, please contact STPD." Worth a try isn't it?

Credit: STPD

Maybe the police are thinking that if you're stupid enough to lose your drugs then you might just be stupid enough to try and claim them through lost and found.

Featured image credit: Universal Pictures

Claire Reid

I wish I could think of something witty to put here...soz.

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