If you could find yourself in a real-life version of any Samuel L. Jackson film, which would you pick? I'd pick Jurassic Park. Sadly, it's unlikely that I'll ever get my dream of simultaneously hanging around with dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum because the film isn't based on proper science. Heartbreaking.

Some unlucky mother fuckers DID get to star in a IRL version of a Sammy L. classic, though, when they boarded a flight from Torreon to Mexico City yesterday and were confronted with a snake on a mother fucking plane.

Check it out:

Credit: Indalecio Madina

The video, reportedly taken on an AeroMexico flight, shows a green snake casually dropping down from the overhead lockers.

From the clip it seems like no-one is particularly bothered, which is weird, 'cause it's a SNAKE ON A PLANE!

I've got so many questions and no mother fucking answers, here. Firstly, why is it on the plane? Where did it come from? Where was it going? Is anyone going to claim responsibility for it? Where is it now? Where is Samuel L. Jackson? Has he seen this yet?

Featured image credit: Twitter/@Inda_medina/PA

Claire Reid

I wish I could think of something witty to put here...soz.

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