​Teenager Gets Arrested After Posting Dark Meme About Columbine Shooting

An American high school student found himself in trouble with the law after he posted a distasteful meme online.

Reddit user The Shickness confessed that seven months ago he posted a meme featuring the Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to Twitter, which resulted in him being charged for "terroristic threats and some form of disturbing the peace."

He posted the following image, taken from Cartoon Network show Dexter's Laboratory...

He captioned the image: "Me when I come home from school."

According to The Shickness, he was known for his dark sense of humour, so thought nothing of making the 'joke'. But as he made his way home that night a police car followed him and officers began questioned him when he pulled over.

Authorities then searched his room for weapons to confirm he wasn't planning a copy-cat shooting and arriving at school the next day, he discovered police officers guarding the school.

He was immediately suspended and had to attend an expulsion hearing.

Speaking about his reaction at the time, he said: "I became nearly hysterical, as I am a relatively prominent student and had never had any major disciplinary action brought down upon me, and all of this over a fucking meme? There was no way this was happening to me."

He was put under house arrest and not allowed to leave his home for a month, he was later sentenced to a suspended six months prison sentence and ordered to undertake 25 hours of community service. Luckily for him he wasn't expelled.

This isn't the first time memelords have been warned to think before they post images online...

Think Before You Meme

Last month a woman who became a 'tag a mate' meme spoke out about the cruel impact it had on her life.

Credit: Facebook / Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez, a motivational speaker and author, was born with Marfan syndrome, a rare congenital disease that prevents her from gaining body fat.

The 27-year-old came across the picture of herself, with the caption: "Michael said he would meet me behind this tree for a bit of fun.

"He's running late, would someone please tag him and tell him I'm still waiting?"

Upset at the image she decided to share the meme herself to her 130,000 followers on Facebook, with a caption of her own.

She wrote: "I've seen a ton of memes like this all over Facebook recently. I'm writing this post not as someone who is a victim but as someone who is using their voice.

"Yes, it's very late at night as I type this but I do so as a reminder that the innocent people that are being put in these memes are probably up just as late scrolling through Facebook and feeling something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

"No matter what we look like or what size we are, at the end of the day we are all human. I ask that you keep that in mind the next time you see a viral meme of a random stranger.

"At the time you might find it hilarious but the human in the photo is probably feeling the exact opposite. Spread love not hurtful words via a screen. Xoxo Lizzie."

So I guess the message is you could end up getting in trouble for posting offensive images online.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

James Dawson

James Dawson is a Journalist at LADbible. He has contributed articles to LADbible’s ‘Knowing Me, Knowing EU’ series on the EU referendum, the 'Electoral Dysfunction' series on the 2017 general election, the ‘U OK M8?’ series tackling mental health amongst young men, and for its ‘Climate Change’ initiative in partnership with National Geographic.

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