Tinder is pretty savage when you think about. You're flicking through a list of people you judge purely by how fit they are. Ugly left; fit right - with everything in between depending on how desperate you're feeling.

But apparently someone in the tech industry thought they could take the savagery further. They thought they could make that shit so harsh, so brutal, that I doubt many people will decide to download it.

FMK is a new dating-app version of the classic 'Fuck, Marry, Kill' (or 'Shag, Marry, Avoid') game you've probably played with your mates, where you have to decide from three celebrities who you would choose to do one of those three things to, or three people you know.

The concept off the app is exactly the same as that game. Only rather than being given a single image to make a decision about, you're shown three people and, you guessed it, you choose who you want to fuck, who you want to marry and who you want to kill.

Obviously there's a few degrees of brutal here, I mean obviously getting killed is pretty savage, but there's also one of being tagged a 'marry' guy - the sort of bloke who'd be great to meet the parents with, but who fundamentally is dull as the IT department at work.

Here's a video about it...

Credit: FMK Game

Could be worth a download.

Main credit: Play FMK

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