This Guy Finds His Stalker’s Notebook in His House

A lad called Ashontez has been living out the plot from a scary movie in his abode - and it's freaking the Internet out.

He thought his flat was safe - two deadlocks safe. He got a new job in October working in Tech Support, doing the 1am-noon shift (quite savage that) and thought that adjusting his sleep pattern was going to be the only thing he had to worry about.

But, after a few weeks, he noticed weird things happening.

At first, he blamed his cats and working the graveyard shift. "Door are still being left open and closed, and food has been disappearing from my fridge." Cats are smart but they can't open fridges, Ashontez! That should have been your first clue! He was a little concerned, but not too worried about it - he thought he'd been forgetful.

One night, Ashontez was working from home for the first time when he heard someone put a key in his lock - hearing it turn he thanked his lucky stars he had locked both deadbolts earlier. The person, clearly used to entering the premise, jiggled the lock.

Ashontez, being American and a little scary himself, had a gun, so he grabbed it "with the intent to shoot someone" but no one was there when he opened the door. There's no security cameras in his hall, and so he couldn't find anything out.

The hall of hell. Credit: Ashontez

Here's what he had to say about it: "Around 3:00am I was catching up on The 100 when someone unlocked my fucking door! I don't mean, picked the lock, I mean used the key... I ran and grabbed my gun, looked out the peephole, but saw nothing. I opened the door, with the intent to shoot someone, but the person was already gone."

Can you imagine any of the polite and long-suffering IT guys who put up with daily calls about how your computer isn't connected to the printer having a gun and being totally down to kill someone? If there's anything to be taken from this story, it's don't mess with anyone who works in IT. They will kill you.

On his way to work a few days later, someone used his credit card to make a $3000 payment - if Ashontez was pissed before, now he was really angry.

But still, it was Christmas and you gotta decorate. Priorities! Taking his Christmas tree out of a cupboard, he found an early present from Santa - a duffel bag, some clothes and toiletries, and a notebook that didn't belong to him and that he didn't recognise.

Credit: Ashontez

Credit: Ashontez

"What was in the notebook horrified me. They were notes about me."

Credit: Ashontez

Someone had been stalking Ashontez, observing what days he worked, which hours, notes about his cats and his credit card details. The words 'balcony door' were circled - how the person entered his flat for the first time? And the most unsettling - 'heavy sleeper'.

Ashontez called the cops, who took the bag but with a low priority case like this one, it can take up to a year to get the results from the fingerprints! The security footage from his block of flats has so far come up with zilch.

Low priority? Sounds a bit bloody high priority to me!

Unsurprisingly, Ashontez has changed his locks and is moving out soon.

Words Laura Hamilton

Main image credit: HBO

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