10-Year-Old Pimple Removed From Man's Back

OK, you bunch of sick and twisted individuals, here's another disgusting pimple popping video for you to wrap your eyes around.

As ever, it's not an easy watch. In fact, it's straight up disgusting, but some people seem to derive some kind of pleasure from it, so give it a once over.

This one in particular shows the removal of a 10 year old pimple that had formed on the back of a guy in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In the end, it was causing the guy too much pain, so he had to go and find a dermatologist called Ms. Thao to remove it for him. It takes a while, and it looks - amongst many things - painful.

That said, Ms. Thao is obviously very good at her job, because she sorts it out, and - perhaps more impressively - manages to keep down her lunch at the same time.

The whole procedure takes more than four minutes to perform, and if you can get through the whole thing, you've got a stronger constitution that most people, and have presumably passed the first exam on your new career path to dermatology.

Hey, if this sort of thing is your bag, you can also watch it on the telly instead of trawling the dark corners of the internet for your bizarre fix of pus and dead skin.

The world renowned dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee - also known (rather patronisingly) as Dr Pimple Popper - has a television show that you can watch.

Credit: Instagram/Dr Pimple Popper
Credit: Instagram/Dr Pimple Popper

It's coming out on American network TLC and will follow the good doctor as she helps her clients with all manner of disgusting maladies.

Dr Lee said: "In the series, we follow the patients,

"I don't really see this in my practice. I don't really see how a bump on someone really affects his or her life. So, it's really nice to see this go full circle."

She continued: "Even though, to some people, it might be considered kind of gruesome or gross, it's actually a really happy thing, a feel-good thing. It is an amazing process. I'm kind of freaked out, though, because...I mean, this is crazy to me. It's pimple popping."

If that ain't enough, she's also got a board game. It's called 'Pimple Pete' and it's like 'Operation' but if all of the things in that game were pimples. You get the drill.

Credit: YouTube/Dr Pimple Popper
Credit: YouTube/Dr Pimple Popper

If this isn't a sign of the impending collapse of western civilisation, then nothing is.

Truly, these are the end days. By the looks of it, this isn't a bad thing.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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