Abi Smith might not look like your typical edgelord but the 24-year-old went all out when she was dared to make the 'most explicit, dirtiest, most vulgar' cake by her best friend Adele.

After mulling over the most awful creations she could think of, she created a 'Thai ladyboy masterpiece' for Adele's boyfriend Jonny's birthday.

The sponge took her two days to make and is moulded into the shape of someone bending down on a bed, with some very realistic genitals, lace stockings and a 'Jonny' tattoo on one bum cheek.

As you might expect the cake got quite the reaction when it was presented to guests:

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You can see unedited images of the cake here.

Speaking about the reaction, Abi told LADbible: "When I delivered the cake, it was placed on a table in a box until everyone had gathered round, we then recorded him opening it. The whole crowd exploded with laughter and disbelief that it was actually an edible cake.

"I used fondant icing to cover, cake lace for the stockings, popping candy in the anus and airbrushed the poo pipe with colour to get the definition."

Credit: Provided

She added: "The cake has almost all been eaten, there's just the bum cheeks left. I like my cakes to taste as good as they look!

"This is the first cake I have made that's this explicit. I have never done anything like this before so I can't quite believe how well it's turned out and the attention it's getting!

"I would be happy to make something like this in future. I'd make anything if it's what people want."

You can see more of Abi's cakes at Facebook LV Cake .

Featured Image Credit: Provided

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