Cartoon Character Spotted Doing 'Something Outrageous' To A Sheep In 'Noddy'

You remember Noddy - that sweet, wholesome character created by the queen of sweet, wholesome characters, Enid Blyton?

Well, turns out he's perhaps not so innocent after all. A perplexed father was watching the new CGI incarnation of the childhood favourite, Noddy, Toyland Detective, with his son when he noticed something he found rather strange - namely a character doing something with a sheep in the background, which appeared rather suspect...

Credit: Dreamworks
Credit: Dreamworks

"I didn't expect to see what looked like some fella banging a sheep when I was trying to get my two-year-old to eat his cornflakes," the father, who didn't wish to be named, told the Mirror.

""It was on Channel 5 at around 7am this morning - on the kids' programme, Milkshake. It went on for around five seconds. Five seconds of that bloke doing something outrageous to the poor sheep. You have to question Noddy's role in all of this."

The image appeared on Twitter soon enough:

Now, maybe we're not seeing quite the same thing as the outraged dad, but the cartoon/CGI character in question doesn't seem to actually be shagging the sheep. I mean, that's the implication here, right?

For a start, he's got his clothes on. And yes, of course you can have sex with your clothes on, but he's wearing a pair of overalls, which would make fornication nigh-on impossible.

There's also no sign of an, er, appendage, between the character and the animal, although we will admit that he does look a little, um, sheepish.

But perhaps he's got a pair of clippers in his other hand and has just started shearing the sheep. After all, Noddy is looking on and we can hardly believe he'd condone that kind of behaviour. Or would he? After all, it's possible the 2017 version has been corrupted by the Internet.

Credit: DreamWorks
Credit: DreamWorks

Noddy made his first appearance in 1949, in Blyton's first book about him, Noddy Goes to Toyland. She wrote 24 books in total, with the last being published in 1963. His first television appearance was in 1955.

There have been plenty of dubious occurrences in kids' TV programmes and films over the years, from Rainbow to Maya the Bee, but Noddy was always so innocent. Suppose times have changed since then, after all.

Featured Image Credit: DreamWorks

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