A Copy Of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Has Sold For Over $100,000

This is one of those stories that'll have you rummaging through your old games, to see if anything passes as mint condition (I've already tried and, nah). Because, oh boy, these things can make some serious money...

An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. - released for the NES in 1985 - was sold on 6 February for a world-record sum of $100,150 (£78,141) in the US. Just... drink that in, for a second. A copy of a video game just went for over a hundred grand. That is. Wow. You can buy a lot of plumbing supplies with that kind of dough.

According to the website of Heritage Auctions, an auction house with offices across the States and elsewhere in the world, the boxed cartridge is a "sticker-sealed" version, which were only ever released in New York and Los Angeles during a test period for the NES, and is the only one of its kind with a "Near Mint" grade of 9.4 and a "Seal Rating" of A++.

Toad gif
Toad gif

The game wasn't bought by an individual, but by a consortium including the owner of Just Press Play Video Games, Zac Gieg, and Rich Lecce, a known video game collector and coin dealer.

Gieg compared this particular copy of Super Mario Bros. to the world's most valuable comic book, the first issue of Action Comics from 1938. "This is the first appearance of Superman, of video games," he said. "We all knew how hard it is to find an open copy of this version in good condition, but to find one still sealed is truly something I thought I would never see, even after selling vintage video games for over 20 years."

Mario coins
Mario coins

One of the game's buyers, Jim Halperin, didn't rule out selling the copy of Super Mario Bros. on. "It just may end up in an auction, sometime in the future," he said. So, I guess, dig deep into those pockets with, like, 1,000 or so pals.

So that's a pretty wild price, huh? Puts those inflated CeX retro game prices into perspective (how much for Snatcher?). What's the most you'd ever spend on an old game? If money was no object, is there a mint-condition game you'd love in your collection? Let us know - we're on Twitter and Facebook.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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